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Enviromental concern
Provide secure and profitable solutions, within bounds of social and environmental responsibility, in the global market of the naval and metal mechanic industry, using products and services tailored to the customer’s needs, always contributing to the development of the countries where operations are ongoing.
Where our products are the main component in the optimization process with combined measurable performances, in the metal surface preparation.
Best Results
Certified Processes
For Surface Preparation to be later coated, the results must be within the Industry Standards parameters as a substantial and core goal.  We also are capable to develop products and processes for optimum results beyond the Standards.
Our products and their application consider two mainstay of our business’s foundation: health and human safety, and environmental compatibility of our components in use.
Superior customer attendance is useless if not based on profitable processes that we follow to design with our commercial partners and in harmony with all prior objectives.
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