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The Parameter

One of the most important mental scheme to built-in for surface preparation cost controls is the standardization of the comparison parameters. For example, imagine that there is a ship needing a hull maintenance as a part of a drydocking schedule, a contractor service provider that could prepare and paint the hull, and a shipyard with a drydock ready to receive the unit for repairs. For the hull surface preparation (paint removal and coating, for the analysis), the shipyard as well as the contractor, will manage a lot of different materials, equipment and public services. If you put the three owners (contractor, shipyard and ship, owners), will be almost impossible to agree in "a number" negotiating each concept of the different cost structures. The one that do not use just one parameter to analyze the situation will be walking in a dark area. The Parameter in which convey all the different components of the different cost structures in the "area unit", that means what is the "cost" and "price" of the sqm/sqf (square meter/foot) treated (prepared and/or repaired and/or coated).

Once you could build your own mental sqm scheme, will not matter is you will need to hire a 2 or 250 tons crane, if you are grid connected or you are using a generator, if you are using a free cost or a $5/kg abrasive media, and if you are working in the city or in an Antarctic's camp.You could estimate exactly how much you will invest per each sqm to treat thus how much you could ask for. Now, if you already have your "number" let us "guess it" (actually calculate it) but if you do not, let us tell you what is your present cost. There is no trick and it is very easy to verify, for example if you already finish a 13,200 sqm maintenance project, you give us your working conditions and we fed you back with a $5.46/sqm cost you could easily verify if you spent $72,000 (including maintenance/reposition of equipments and spare parts) in this closed project or you did not. Ok, lets get to work:

Operative Cost Structure

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The blasting operators are at least equipped with:
Auxiliary equipments (cranes, elevators, generators, blastpots) cost (your own value/lifetime or rent cost):
The field team structure is conformed by: X
The abrasive media in use is Grade/Size: From to X.
Bulk Density: X  
Nozzle N° Hose length: XAbrasive media pot capacity: X
Abrasive media yield: for (SSPC/SIS-055900) finishing.
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