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What are we looking for?

We are a team of professionals concerned about the unexploited natural and renewable resources of our region. Based in Peru, a privileged country, we are focused in facilitate to our clients the way to the progress through the efficient utilization of the energy that carry out our innumerable path of water, with state of the art technology and tailor made equipments.

How we achieve our goals?

Our development area is concentrated in the range of micro and mini hydroelectric generation (from 3 to 3000 kW), to supply of energy to small villages, farms, facilities and houses, that cannot access nor cannot count with sustainable energy supplying to develop their productive or domestic activities. As well as to replace or complement with renewable sources of energy the current installed generation capacity with low cost energy that allow them to improve, increase or become competitive. We also offer a two/three generation investments, 70 to 80 years proven lifetime generation sources that require less than 20% of spare parts replacement during their life. Our task is demonstrated you and ourselves that the your conversion project of the hydro-energy to electricity will be a profitable alternative for you. After that it is easy to take the decision: if it is a good business for you, will be a business for us, in other way you will need to wait for a future next step technology progress.

What is our scope of work?

We start thinking, discussing and agreeing with you, then we study, design, supply and deliver the systems from the water source until your main switch. That means civil works, channels, pipes/penstocks, generation equipments, transmision lines, transformers and boards. Visit our turbines, control systems and complete hydroelectric generation plants areas to learn more about.

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